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Phase I of Environmental Inspections or Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is actually the evaluation of general commercial environment. It is basically the standard for performing the site inspections that are affected by things like molds, asbestos, lead etc. A group of guidelines for inspection are followed. Our company, Technominds Inspections, abides by these rules diligently. The mold inspections that we carry out are strictly according to those outlined by Phase I of Environmental Inspections of Canadian Federal Authorities. Some basic tasks that inspection companies should perform according to Phase I of EI are:

  1. Performing an on-site visit to view the current condition of the place.
  2. Testing the degree of affect to the subject property by the foreign hazardous substance, in this case, molds.
  3.  Evaluating the risk to neighboring properties from the subject property.
  4. Examining the drainage pattern and the problems associated with it.
  5. Checking the municipal files to verify that the land is used according to the permits granted.

Signing up for a mold inspection is essential for your family’s well being. One should not ignore potential health concern in the new property. Getting it inspected and removed should be your only aim when it comes to molds.
Environmental InspectionEnvironmental Inspection

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When it comes to inspections in Canada, our company, Technominds inspection is a leading firm. Our reliable and unbiased professionals are experienced to inspect both – residential as well as commercial properties. Inspection leads us to various problems in the place where we live or work.

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