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Air Quality TestIAQ Tests or Indoor Air Quality Tests are a way to test or inspect the molds and contaminated air in a house/building. With the help of this test, one can easily know about the adversity with which molds have affected the place. In this test, our inspectors use a special kind of equipment to capture complete data about the air present inside the house. This captured data shows figures regarding the spore concentration in the house. The spores of molds are always in the air. If the spore concentration is much higher than standard figure, then mold presence is critical.

This test is repeated a number of times in every room of the house. Spores are lightweight microscopic particles. Their concentration is never the same and varies. Thus, this test is repeated so as to average out the concentration. Once the IAQ test results come in the favor of molds, then the hunt to track down these mold colonies starts.
Air Quality Test IAC2

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