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Home inspection is the most important step of Home Buying process. Buying a new home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and it’s a decision that will affect you for years to come. The process can be extremely stressful and confusing. And of course, there is always considerable risk involved when making such a large purchase decision. A professional inspection will significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful.

We, Technominds Inspection Services Inc. are in Residential, Commercial, Mold and Environmental inspection business and maintaining high professional standards. We all know buying a property, usually is the biggest investment we make. It’s always better to protect this investment by knowing the facts before you own them. We provide educated and valuable information to help our client to make an enlightened decision.

Our reports are detailed, unbiased and easy to read and understand. We provide you electronic inspection report with pictures, and thoroughly explain the report findings at the time of inspection. In addition to reporting any deficiencies or potential failures, our inspections include maintenance tips and other educational information.

“Home is where the Heart is
But Let Us Check it First!”

Home ownership is the most cherished dream for every Canadian. Our renowned home inspection services make sure that your dream is protected. Most new home buyers, especially the first-time ones, are unaware of the various factors that determine the underlying price of a house. So, many people end up buying a nightmare instead of their dream home.

Home buyers are always eager to know that their potential home is safe, structurally and mechanically sound and does not pose any health and safety risks. A home inspection is a non-destructive visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home (from roof to the foundation) to find features that are not performing correctly or unsafe items. We help you avoid unwanted surprises and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Even newly constructed homes are known to have hidden flaws which can turn into expensive surprises. Why suffer in the long run when you can take pre-emptive action. Hire professional home inspection team for a detailed analysis and inspection of your potential home.

We are well Insured to protect you
We stand behind What We Inspect

The home inspection profession is an unregulated industry, except in British Columbia and Alberta, making your choice of a home & property inspector more difficult. Fortunately, Technominds has highly qualified inspectors that have met the requirements which allow to use the term “Registered Home Inspector”® or “RHI”®. The registered designation identifies members of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors. We are registered inspectors and well insured to protect you.

Our inspection generally includes

Home Inspection Services
  • Roof – Roof coverings, down sprouts and gutters, roof vents, flashings, trims, skylights, Chimneys
  • Exteriors – Walkways, doors, windows, porches, sidings, side wall venting, decks, steps, railings, driveways, Foundation wall above grade, site drainage, garage doors and openers
  • Foundation, basement and structure – Water leaks, Structural/Non-structural problems, seepage/ penetration into and through the foundation
  • Interiors – Walls, floor coverings, ceilings, staircases, fire and safety hazards, potential leaks
  • Heating system – Furnace, ducting system, fireplace, base\board heaters and boiler
  • Cooling system – A/C unit and its components
  • Electrical – Main panel, amperage, service line, grounding, fuses, bonding and breakers
  • Plumbing – Water supply, waste-drains, water pressure, Washrooms, laundry, kitchen plumbing
  • Attic – Roof structure, insulation and ventilation

Reason to Trust – Proud Members of

  • Oacett
  • OBOA
  • OAHI
  • iac2
  • internachi
  • Infrared Certified

Toronto’s Trusted Home Inspection Services Provider

Technominds (Home & Mold) Inspection Services Inc. performs all pre-purchase inspections of real property within the prescribed Code of Ethics and “Standards of Practice”, for the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors ‘OAHI’ and Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors ‘CAPHI’

We offer detailed, thorough and affordable home and property inspection services to commercial and residential customers in Ontario including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and other surrounding areas. We have over 18 years of experience in checking numerous features and amenities in premises. Our Home inspectors are highly skilled and trained in providing reliable services. We create detailed and accurate reports of your potential dream home.


  • Property Inspection Services
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Newly built house inspections
  • Post-purchase inspections
  • Power of sale and estate sale inspections
  • Grow house/mold inspections
  • Environmental inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Test
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections for Quick Selling
  • Infrared Thermograhic Inspections
How we help:

  • Show potential problems and repair works need to be completed.
  • Provide as much information as possible to help to make an enlightened decision.
  • Provide tips on home maintenance and how to use certain systems of the home.
  • Personal attention with professional and courteous services.
  • Welcome further questions, to clarify our findings.
  • Complete computer-generated reports with videos/color photos.
  • Reports can be used for closing arguments of buying or selling.
  • Weekdays, evening and weekend appointments available.

Your Trusted Source for Honest Home Inspection & Review

Technominds (Home & Mold) Inspection Services team provides valuable property inspection services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and other nearby areas. Our color pictured/video reports are renowned in the Ontario real estate industry and has helped thousands of homeowners realize their dream home.

A Technominds Home Inspection report is an unbiased and independent report on the actual physical systems, structures and components of the property. Our customers expect nothing less than true professionalism, credentials, competence and courtesy from our staff. A detailed property inspection takes around 2-3 hours and depends on home’s square footage and age.

Additional Services

Generally home inspection is a non-destructive and it’s hard to see behind the walls, ceilings. Infrared Thermography is a great option to find hidden flaws, not visible to the naked eye. We can provide you the best additional possible service with this latest technology in inspecting your home.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging:
Thermal imaging is the non-contact/non-invasive detection and very effective to inspect for:

  • Moisture Intrusion – Water Leaks
  • Heat or Cooling loss
  • Construction Quality
  • Electrical Installation
  • HVAC Installation
  • Scan Large areas quickly
  • Find Problems before they are visible or it’s too late.
Technominds (Home & Mold) Inspection Services
Residential Inspection
How we inspect your property Sample Report

About Us

When it comes to inspections in Canada, our company, Technominds inspection is a leading firm. Our reliable and unbiased professionals are experienced to inspect both – residential as well as commercial properties. Inspection leads us to various problems in the place where we live or work.