Preventing damage caused by snow and ice

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Preventing damage caused by snow and ice

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Preventing damage caused by snow and ice

Thousands of home insurance claims are filed every year. Some losses are major, others aren’t, but they’re always an inconvenience—and usually avoidable! As prevention advisors, we inspect and make recommendations on numerous buildings every year. Protect your investment.

Being a homeowner comes with its share of responsibilities. Protecting your investment requires regular maintenance and a dose of foresight. Things you can do. To Protect your investment digging out an above ground pool before it collapses under the weight of snow, clearing snow off your roof after a heavy snowstorm so it doesn’t cave in, breaking up ice dams on the roof to keep water from seeping into the walls. it takes a lot to maintain a home, but nowhere near as much as dealing with water damage caused by a leak in the roof or a structure collapsing! Tips from The Pros We’re property owners too. We can provide you with simple, effective and practical ways of making damage prevention part of your winter routine. We’ve seen a lot of preventable losses, and we want you to benefit from our experience.
Main problems· Snow and ice buildup on the roof- ice dams.Generally speaking, buildings are designed to withstand our harsh Canadian winters. But after a heavy snowfall, built-up snow and ice can do some serious damage! When Should you Act?

As soon as significant amounts of snow or ice build up on your roof—if there’s more than 70 cm (2 ft.) of snow or 5 cm (2 in.) of ice—it’s time to take action! Warning Signs no matter how much snow or ice you have, the following warning signs indicate that water is seeping into the ceiling and walls of the top floor of the house:

  1. Water stains or rings· Blistering · Water droplets if you have a lot of snow or ice buildup, watch for the following warning signs of structural damage:· Appearance of cracks on indoor walls · interior doors that start to stick, rub or do not close properly· ceiling warping · unusual structural creaking need A Professional opinion? if you’re concerned about water seepage or snow buildup, ask a building expert for advice.
  2. Problem no.2: ice dams those pretty icicles that line the roof edges are an iconic part of our winters capes. they may look pretty but they spell trouble. in fact, those delicate crystals are actually a sign of a potentially serious threat to your roof: ice dams. These ridges of ice that form on the edge of the roof are usually an indicator that the building is losing heat through the roof—most likely due to poor insulation or ventilation in the attic. heat from inside the house melts the snow on the roof, causing water to flow down to the lowest part of the roof, where it freezes. ice builds up along the edge of the roof, creating dams that prevent water from draining properly from the roof. As a result, water can build up and seep through the walls and ceiling.

To prevent ice dams, it pays to keep an eye on your attic.

  1. Regularly—and carefully—examine the edges of your roof to make sure no ice dams have formed.
  2. Inspect the inside of your attic and seal any openings that could let out warm air from the home. While you’re at it, make sure there’s no space between batt insulation strips (e.g., mineral wool).
  3. Make sure the attic is well ventilated and cool. That way, any snow on the roof will be less likely to melt and create ice dams.
  4. Ensure that the attic floor is well insulated to prevent heat from inside the home escaping through the roof and forming a layer of ice.

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