Understanding Spore Trap Analyses and Results

In standard1st May, 2019

With no established standards, interpretation of air sample results for mold is not always easy and requires some understanding of the limitations of these samples and the factors that could bias the spore counts you receive from a lab. The following will negatively or positively bias the total spore counts. Total amount of air that


What To Do About a Running or Leaky Toilet

In standard10th December, 2018

Whether you’re concerned about the environment or saving money on your utility bill, water saving techniques around the home make sense. This spring, make sure that your home’s plumbing is in good working order to help you avoid unnecessary water consumption. A common culprit for water waste around your home is a running toilet. Depending



In standard10th January, 2018

What is humidity ? The term humidity is usually taken in daily language to refer to relative humidity. Relative humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor in a sample of air compared to the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold at any specific temperature . Humidity may also be expressed

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