“I consulted TechnoMinds for pre-purchase inspection for my first home. I wanted to be sure I was not buying a ‘money-pit’. It was a smart decision and their comprehensive inspection bought out many facts that I would have ignored. Some defects and deficiencies in the home history report allowed me to negotiate a lower price. I got a good deal in the end thanks to TechnoMinds guys!”

– Jeffery Williams, Hamilton

“I didn’t paid attention to home inspection during purchase, so hired TechnoMinds experts for a pre-delivery home inspection. Their comprehensive checks and inspection through various tools and equipments made sure that my new home was free of defaults. It bought out some deficiencies on part of the renovation contractor. Some features in bathroom and living room had to be refurbished before moving in. Thanks to TechnoMinds I was able to avoid pre-possession hassles.”

– Rodney Caterns, Milton

“TechnoMinds helped identify certain safety and health issues in my potential new home. I asked them to proceed with the thorough check. To my surprise, there were numerous discrepancies not mentioned earlier by the broker. The deficiency list was full of safety lapses. Even the old lead water pipes in some fixtures were not replaced. The deal was scrapped and kudos to TehcnoMinds was saving me from a terrible deal.”

– Guirdeno Rodriguez, Oakville

“I am a single mom with tight budget and no experience of buying a new property. So, my first property purchase had to be perfectly planned. I could not afford to put money down an abyss. TechnoMinds was hired for home inspection. Their visual and in-depth analysis helped identify some chinks. These deficiencies helped knock off some price during negotiation. Thanks, I truly appreciate your efforts in getting me a worthy deal I was looking for.”

– Jessica Amber, Mississauga

“Thank you so much for your valuable expertise in home inspection services. TechnoMinds inspector was not only talented but courteous as well. Calling you guys for a pre-listing inspection was certainly a good decision. Your detailed home reports made me understand a new dimension to my property deal. Your services paid huge dividends!”

– D Singh, Brampton