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Pre Sale Inspections

If you’re planning to sell your property, it is essential that you receive the right price of your property. On the other hand, it is equally important for you to be fair towards the person with whom you are planning to enter a deal. If you overcharge them for a house suffering from structural damage and issues then they might even file a lawsuit against you. Owner has to make sure that property is flawless. And home inspection is the best way to go.

Before you sell out your home, get it inspected from Technominds (Home & Mold) Inspection Services to know more about what actually is going on with your house. Our inspection officers examine each and every corner of the house carefully and check for any kind of faults. Common inspection areas of the house include:

  • Interiors- Walls and Ceilings, Doors and Windows
  • Plumbing – Tubs, Drain pipes, Sinks, Faucets, etc.
  • Electrical Wirings and Connections
  • Roofing- Attic and roof structure
  • Exteriors- Sidings, Doors, Windows
  • Foundation, Basement & Structure
  • Faucets
  • Drain Pipes
  • HVAC Check-up
  • Doors and Windows
  • Wooden closets
  • And more

Why Pre-Sale Home Inspection is Important?

Many people shrug their shoulders on the thought of getting a pre-sale inspection. They consider it a waste of money, but actually it’s not. By getting a pre-sale inspection, homeowners get to know about the problems and issues that the house is facing. Once, these issues come in your notice, you can work on them and get the problems resolved. Get the faulty parts or installations repaired or replaced. This increases the overall worth of your home. The potential buyers will take much greater interest in your property once they learn it is ready to move in. They obviously don’t want to move in a house that welcomes them with costly repairs and replacements.

What Technominds Does

After conducting the maintenance checks, the inspector hands you a detailed report. That report actually tells how you house fairs in various tests. In case anything is wrong, it is clearly mentioned along with its appropriate solution. This report stays with you so that you can examine your home’s issues. In case anything is wrong, you can refer to the report and get it fixed. If the inspection report is good, then you can show it to the potential buyers that visit your house to tell them that the house is free from any issues.

We, at Technominds Inspections, are the best inspection service company in Ontario. Our methods of inspection include latest equipments that help you know the exact worth of your home.

Call us to book your pre-sale inspections NOW and get great deals and offers on them.

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When it comes to inspections in Canada, our company, Technominds inspection is a leading firm. Our reliable and unbiased professionals are experienced to inspect both – residential as well as commercial properties. Inspection leads us to various problems in the place where we live or work.