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Residential Inspections
Buying a house is a dream come true. However, before putting money on the table, scrutinizing the deal is crucial. Everything needs to be checked properly and we at Technominds Inspection excel in residential inspection services. In order to avoid any repercussions, it is better to get your ‘dream house’ inspected by us. Getting the house inspected not only tells you about its pros and cons, in fact, it helps you to decide better. Inspection rules out any chance of you being misled to purchase that house by the previous owners.

In-Depth Home Inspection Services We, at Technominds Inspection, have  been inspecting residential as well as commercial complexes for prospective buyers. Our home inspection services are:

  1. Pre-Purchase – This kind of inspection is carried out before prospective homeowners make a purchase. It is advisable as they get to know the house in a much better way. Every item installed in the house is verified to check whether it is working or not. All the major components like doors, windows, roofing, air-conditioning or heating, electrical, insulation, pipes, drains, sinks, tubs and many more, are thoroughly checked to see if they are fit for use. The condition of all these basic facilities installed in the house is reported to you so that you can evaluate your home purchase decision.
  2. Pre-Sale – A pre-sale inspection is for those people who are willing to sell their house. It is a chance for people to rectify the problems that their house faces, and in turn, increase its price value. Once, your customer learns that you have got the house inspected and have worked on its problems, then they will be willing to close the deal on your desired price.
  3. New Construction/Tarion Warranty Inspections – An inspection of a new construction is done when the construction of the house is completed. We do Tarion warranty inspections;
    • 30 Days inspection
    • One-year coverage inspection
    • Two-year coverage inspection
  4. Post-Purchase – A post-purchase inspection is carried out by the homeowners who have already bought the house. This way they can evaluate whether their house is actually worth the price they paid or not. By this inspection, they would learn a lot about their new house and can approach problems better. Thus, one can make the house work according to his/her need by a post-purchase inspection, before they actually move in to live or while living in it.
  5. Grow House – A grow house is a residence that has been converted into a marijuana operation. Mostly, large-sized homes situated in quiet neighborhoods are preferred for this purpose. But a grow house could probably be anywhere. To grow marijuana in a house, ideal greenhouse conditions must be satisfied. Following are certain clues through which you can find whether the house is a grow house or not:
    • Altered electrical system to power hydroponic equipment.
    • Altered heating, ducting, and venting system including damage to interiors.
    • Concrete floors and walls in the basement painted white to reflect light.
    • Additional splices in the plumbing system to nourish the crop.
    • Strong odor of fertilizers and pesticides used for the crop.
  6. Mold – Molds are a kind of fungus that is formed inside or around the house due to water drainage problems. During the mold inspection, our reliable inspectors have two goals in front of them: firstly to find the mold colonies, and secondly to find the source of the water leak that caused them. A mold inspection is extremely important in case the inmates of the house experience a mold smell or allergy. Leaky pipes or roofs can also be potential reasons to get a mold inspection done.

Getting your house inspected is a great way to understand the place you are going to live and raise your kids in. You have to make sure it is free from all kinds of problems and is thus fit to accommodate your family. We, at Technominds Inspection, say it with pride that the inspection of residential or commercial complexes is our forte.

7. Countryside House – When you decide to move out of the city there are a few big differences between the sub-division and countryside houses. While this list covers a few common features among rural properties, keep in mind that each home is different, and rural communities can differ from one another. Hire our well-trained and experienced inspectors to make sure the following:

  • Well Water
  • Well Productivity
  • Septic System
  • Heating System

Call us at 416 500 1535 to get your home inspected, before you consider moving in.

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When it comes to inspections in Canada, our company, Technominds inspection is a leading firm. Our reliable and unbiased professionals are experienced to inspect both – residential as well as commercial properties. Inspection leads us to various problems in the place where we live or work.