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Buying a home with a pool?

Inspect Before/After You Move In with Your Family

If you are buying a home with a pool, our pool inspections provide you with a clear picture of what condition the swimming pool. This includes a report for items in need of repair and the presence of any safety issues.

Our pool inspector will check: the pool surface, decking, liner, ladders, railing; diving boards; pumps, heater, electrical systems in addition to checking for cracks and leaks. We will provide you with a clear picture of the present condition of your pool. This includes recommended repairs and presence of any safety issues.

The inspection will often begin with a complete walk-around of the pool area. The part of the inspection will also look for adequate safety features, such as secure fencing and correctly latching gates, around the pool. The inspector will also look for any leaks, cracks, or other damage in the pool liner and base.

Because this is a visual inspection, we cannot determine whether or not the pool/spa has any underground leaks. If underground leaks are a concern, we recommend having a leak detection company perform a pressure test.

Your pool should be a fun and safe place for your family to enjoy.

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