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Techno AdminIn standard30th March, 2017

Fire Protection and General Safety:

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t store flammable materials in the furnace room or next to your furnace and hot water tank.
  • Ensure that adequate ventilation is provided to rooms containing gas/oil fired furnaces/boilers and gas/oil fired hot water tanks.
  • Any door leading from an attached garage into the dwelling must be exterior/fire rated door, equipped with a self-closing device.
  • Always having a fire extinguisher readily available.
  • Plan two evacuation routes. Keep fire evacuation routes clear of clutter.
  • Keep your cooking area well organized and free of clutter.
  • Handrails must be installed alongside all staircases containing more than three steps.
  • Eliminate any trip hazards or flooring defects. Keep your hallways and corridors clear.
  • Refraining from overloading electrical circuits.
  • Avoid permanent use of electrical extension cord.
  • Clear access must be maintained in front of the electrical panel, the furnace/boiler access and the main water shut–off valve.
  • Install at least one Smoke Alarm and CO Detector on each floor level.
  • Test and maintain Smoke and CO Detectors on monthly basis.
  • Emergency and family contact telephone numbers can be displayed permanently at or near the kitchen telephone.

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